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We are located in northeast Atlanta off of I-85 near the North Druid Hills exit. Download directions to our office. View on map.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do you determine how long I will need psychotherapy services?
Each person is unique and has individual needs, but our normal practice is to begin by gathering information, which typically lasts from two to four sessions. During this time, we can both decide if Cliff Valley is the best place to provide the services you need in order to meet your objectives. A general plan for your treatment will be discussed early on so that your expectations are realistic.

Q. What are Cliff Valley’s fees for psychotherapy and how is payment handled?
We will be happy to discuss our fees with you in person before your first session. Or, you can read more in the Agreement for Psychotherapy. This important document also provides information on billing and payment, as we do not accept or file for insurance benefits.

Q. How do you safeguard privacy and confidentiality?
The confidentiality of all communications between a patient and a psychologist is protected by law. As the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requires, we only release information about our work with you with your written permission. In the case of a child, the legal custodians hold the privilege to request information or release it to a third party. However, please be aware that in the case of a forensic evaluation, such as for child custody, none of the participants are patients and confidentiality requirements under HIPAA rules do not apply. In these evaluations, you agree to a modification of the traditional rules of confidentiality. This doesn’t mean that certain privacies will not be respected, but please be mindful that a court often requires full knowledge of each party’s emotional health in order to make the best decision for the children. We are happy to discuss this with you further at our first meeting.

Q. Can my former spouse see our child’s treatment records?
Only the custodial parent has the right to examine a child’s treatment records. Divorced parents often have joint legal custody and both can have access to records of the child. We strongly encourage both parents to be involved in and support a child’s treatment plan. It is helpful to bring your most recent court order and parenting plan to the first session. Because it’s important that a child feels that the therapy environment is conducive to freely express his or her thoughts, we typically provide only general information on how the child’s treatment is proceeding, and only to the legal custodian. Depending on the child's age, we may discuss the matter with him or her and try to resolve any objections he or she may have about what will be discussed with the custodial parent.

Q. My grandchild is currently living with me — can I bring her in for counseling?
If you are seeking therapeutic services for a child or grandchild, please be aware that the parent with legal custody must authorize treatment to begin. We ask that the parent with legal custody come to the first visit, if possible, and bring a copy of the most recent court documents.

Q. How do I make an appointment?
Because we need to learn more about your reason for seeking therapy, we don't schedule appointments by email. Our office manager is available Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm and can help you schedule an appointment and discuss any background we may need. Please call our office at 404-728-0728.

Q. How can I contact my therapist at Cliff Valley?
We generally see clients between 9am and 5pm, Monday through Thursday, and by special arrangement on Friday. If you need to talk to one of us, please understand that generally we are not immediately available by phone because we're with clients, but we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. We can respond only to emergency calls after office hours.

For non-urgent, general inquiries, please contact us by email.

To schedule an appointment, call our office manager: 404-728-0728.

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