Barrie Alexander Ph.D.

Dr. Barrie Alexander

Nancy McGarrah, Ph.D.

Dr. Nancy McGarrah

Welcome to Cliff Valley Psychologists

We’re here to help you understand and respond to situations in your life that may be causing anxiety or stress, or that may require you to make difficult decisions that will alter your life’s path or that of your family. Developmental, life, or situational crises often require applying a research-based body of knowledge to solve real-world problems — the breakup of a family, a child’s emotional struggles with a “turning point” developmental stage, or a physical or emotional trauma, among other things. Most important, though, are the perspective and care of an experienced psychologist who can help you achieve your personal objectives.

During the past 30 years in practice together, we have each worked with thousands of individuals and families to help them gain perspective, coping skills, and strategies for moving forward in life. We have also developed a strong expertise in forensic psychological services, including expert testimony in court, using psychological evaluations and plans to support families and their legal counsel.

Whether you are a legal professional or an individual or family, we believe you will find the open, supportive, and confidential relationship you need at Cliff Valley Psychologists. Please get in touch with us to schedule an appointment or discuss our service options.

Barrie Alexander, Ph.D., has practiced as a licensed psychologist since 1983 and co-founded Cliff Valley Psychologists, P.A., in 1985. Her practice focuses on work with children and their families in both forensic and non-forensic cases. Download Dr. Alexander’s full bio.

Nancy McGarrah, Ph.D. has been a licensed psychologist in Georgia since 1984 and in practice at Cliff Valley Psychologists since 1985. Her areas of specialization are child trauma and forensic psychology. Download Dr. McGarrah’s full bio.