“Almost all of our clients come to us because they are in transition. I like to remind them that transition is movement or passage from one stage or position to another. It's not inherently bad or good. But it is a passage, and many people need help coping with and getting perspective on it. From the 16th century Latin, it literally means ‘a going across or over.’” — Dr. Nancy McGarrah

Psychotherapy Services

Counseling services from a licensed psychologist are generally referred to as “psychotherapy.” At Cliff Valley, psychotherapy may include consultation, evaluation, diagnosis, and limited or ongoing therapy — to best fit your transition point. Psychotherapy has both benefits and risks. It can benefit you or a family member by resolving a specific problem, developing a plan for the future, strengthening relationships, or helping you understand and manage your feelings. Its risks are that you may experience a wide spectrum of emotions — common emotions, but they may be temporarily unsettling to you. For more information about therapeutic services for individuals, please review the Agreement for Psychotherapy and feel free to contact us if you have questions.

Many times, our clients are referred to us because of the need for forensic psychological services. Forensic psychology applies psychological principles to proceedings in the legal system. Our expertise includes evaluations and recommendations on custody (both legal and physical) for divorcing parents, parenting plans, child abuse evaluations and therapy, and visitation risk assessments. In the case of divorce, our services originate from either a consent order or a court order, and include evaluating each member of the family. Psychologists who practice in this area are considered a ’friend of the court,” providing needed objective and neutral opinion to help the court resolve a case. In other words, we are not an advocate for either “side.” Rather, we are called upon to deliver expert professional opinion relevant to the court's needs. We have many years of experience in forensic psychology and court testimony and are among the leading professionals providing these services in the Atlanta area. If you’re a legal professional, please read more here.

In addition to court-ordered work with parents, we frequently work with individuals who are referred to us by legal counsel but who need individual therapy to help them work through marital and parenting issues, strengthen their parenting skills and relationships with their children, and plan for their children's long-term future. Sometimes the therapy is for a child or children whose parents are divorcing.

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